Penny Ross Burk
Makeup Artist/Stylist
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Working As a Makeup Artist

Penny In Her Studio

Penny has been working as a makeup artist for the past 30 years. She started in the movies doing everything from corrective makeup to character, prosthetics and the full range of blood, cuts, bruises to bald-caps and beards. As she grew her worked began to include more and more television, still photography, weddings and events.

The work she produces is a result of years of experience. While understanding lighting, the event and skin type are paramount, another element is her sensitivity to using personality as a marker for creating the best work possible. She is not stuck on any one style but will work with your features, the shape of your face and eyes to suggest the best direction. The makeup she creates is tailored to fit each individual and the occasion.

Penny does not endorse any one manufacturer but does try to lead us towards using the most natural cosmetics first. This isn’t always possible but along with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, safe makeup is becoming more available. If your desire is to be completely chemical free I will gladly use makeup that is provided or help you do research to find the best product for you and your skin type.

Please email me: or feel free to call: 202-285-8407