Penny Ross Burk
Makeup Artist/Stylist
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Are you male to female trans, going to a wedding or big event or are you right at the edge of coming out and want to experiment? Perhaps you need just a little guidance or a complete make-over? It’s a complicated world out there with so many makeup, clothing and hair choices. As we know, Caitlyn Jenner had a team of artists and stylists to help her get to an extraordinary place before coming out to the world.

I have been working in the film and television business for over 35 years providing makeup and wardrobe services. My education is in psychology and fine arts allowing me to help you look and feel your best without overdoing the look.

One of the problems I’ve come across is over making-up. You don’t need to layer on gobs of makeup with tons of color in order to portray femininity unless of course you like that. Finding that glamorous yet subtle difference in makeup application is hard for anyone. Is there a way to look spectacularly feminine while doing errands? Yes, and as a makeup artist I will enhance your best features while diminishing the others without relying on a heavy hand to mask everything.

Please email me: or feel free to call: 202-285-8407