Penny Ross Burk
Makeup Artist/Stylist
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Makeup Tips

Dry Shampoo – Baking soda

Crumbled eye shadow powder or pressed powder? Add rubbing alcohol stir and let sit overnight. Voila!

Sometimes just a dot of shampoo is all you need to wash the scalp and not the hair.  Soaping up your hair can dry it out.

Acne - try toothpaste. Just a dot on the spot, really!

Honey is an amazing skin conditioner, moisturizer and can be used as a base for a scrub if you add almonds or sugar.

Mixed honey with a bit of water and leave on the hair for an hour. It acts as a conditioner.

Tired of chemical laden mascara?  Try a company called 100% pure. No I don’t work for them but I was impressed with their fruit based products.

So many makeup products are all gimmick but a good eye shadow base really helps with creases and makes the application smooth and effortless.

If you wear glasses and want to define your eyes, darken the whole lid instead of trying to draw a straight line while holding that magnifying mirror.  Lots of mascara and you’re done.

Also an easy eyeliner trick is to use water proof liner on the water-line of the upper lid between the lashes and the water-line.

Bags under the eyes can look the most aging. Garnier and others make a caffeine based under eye product that actually works! Add your foundation and powder afterwards and you’re set.

Try putting mascara on with an eyelash comb or try mascaras that have a spike brush instead of the fuzzy type brush that looks like a hairbrush. The comb works beautifully to separate and coat each lash.

Stay tuned for more!